Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


The RE3 Workshop Series has been widely successful in terms of attracting top speakers and faculty, students, and professionals who are curious to know more about the cutting edge of renewable energy and energy efficiency research and implementation. 

The 2017 RE3 Workshop was a huge success!


The Organizing Committee thanks all who attended, our speakers, and our sponsors for making the 2017 RE3 Workshop an informative and meaningful exchange of ideas. We look forward to working together for the 2019 RE3 Workshop. If you are interested in helping, please Contact Us


Workshop Tracks

Clean Energy-Food
Clean Energy-Water
Clean Energy-Entrepreneurship


Highlighted Topic Areas

Entrepreneurship at the EWF nexus
Food safety & waste minimization
Distributed water treatment
Efficient fertilizers and pesticides
Clean energy-ammonia production
Carbon neutral liquid fuels from air and water
Energy minimization for treating and recycling
Agricultural waste to energy
Clean energy-water desalination
Nitrogen and phosphorous cycles
Destruction of nitrates and recovery of phosphates
Big data management and the EWF nexus
Policy and the EWF nexus